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I'm setting myself up for a fall....

Okay, I'm somewhat bored at work, and had a thought...

A while ago, a bunch of sociologists studied various works of fiction and noticed that Marvel Comics most accurately mirrored the social structure of real life.

And in Marvel Comics, Captain "Steve Rogers" America is the proverbial Kevin Bacon.

So to you, (My few and wonderful readers) I ask:

Who would you like me to tie to Cap in 6 steps or less?  I will do my best to do so using only my own knowledge, but am not disallowing myself use of Google.  (Hey, even an avid Marvel reader like myself can't help but forget most any Mutant that crossed the path of the X-Men.)

Only stipulation is that they must be a Marvel character, and if there has been more than one person using the same moniker (I.E., if you say Spider-Man), you have to specify which. (Ben Reilly or Peter Parker.)
Tags: funny books, meme-alicious, tagged and returned to the wild
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