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I really should post more often.

Well, before she leaves for Canadia and our 3 week fling is over, M and I are spending Thursday evening through Friday afternoon together. Should be fun. I just hope I don't end up throwing wrenches in her plans. She's got a lot of ground to catch up on in life for someone three years older than I, and she doesn't need serious attachments to hold her back.

Meanwhile, I wanna know why she's acceptable to Canadian guys and not US guys. I think she's wonderful compared to a lot of the ditzy, over-socialized, materialistic girls we have. But apparently she's not the only one thinking she doesn't work in the US dating scene. Her previous dating experience shows that clearly. Maybe she's looking in all the wrong places... Maybe I'm in the wrong country, too. Who knows.
To help ease the ending or because she actually does, I'm not sure which, she says she sees me ending up with a mildly-bubbly cute blonde. Wow. Wonderful. I'm going to be annoyed / bored for the rest of my days. I guess it could be worse... there could be great big gaping holes in where the elf and I stand... Oh, wait... there are. *curls head under arms* Just let me know when it's safe for me to invite sanity to show up once in a while again.
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