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Superhero Concept...

Dischoman!  (Randoman?  Still working on a name...)

Every morning, Randoman wakes up and starts the day with a cup of coffee, a superhero-sized breakfast, and a brisk workout.

And then he figures out what powers he has today, exactly.

Blessed by the Goddess Eris herself, he is charged with helping people he feels like, punishing those evil-doers who irritate him, and generally making the world a better place.  When the mood strikes him.  Only alignment available to him is Chaotic Good.

Powers are based on a set of D10 rolls for the day:

Roll 1 (Primary Attack)

Energy Blast
Magical Weapon (Simple Action to Materialize)
Fire Beam
Ice Beam

Roll 2 (Secondary Attack)

Web/Entangle (Secondary chart to determine type)
Fire Ring
Ice Cage  (Having the Fire Beam and the Ice Cage both in one day can be rather interesting....)
Earthquake Stomp
Vocal Sonic Blast

Roll 3 (Primary Defense)

Uncanny Dodge / Danger Sense
Invisible Shield / Force Armor
Ice Armor
Enhanced Healing
Instant-Respawn  (Eris' favorite...  +2 chance of receiving on any given day.)

Roll 4 (Movement)

Adhesion to Walls

Roll 5 (Vunerability)

What's a superhero without a weak point?

Mineral (Roll for seperate table, hope to the gods you don't get Talc or Plastic)
Vegetable (See above, Apples are not on the chart anywhere)
Hot Dog Buns

(If anyone cares to use this entry for a game/story/comic/etc, all I ask is that you let me know about it and provide a copy of the finished work...)
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