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Progress is often not as progressive as one would think...

As I sit at work on this, the most holy of days (The Paid Half-Day), I am realizing how wonderful my job is.

This year through work I have:

  • Learned how to distribute a program over the network from a central location.
  • Raised my all-time high score on Solitaire to four-digits.
  • Made more LiveJournal posts about usable topics than I ever thought I could.
  • Setup a feasable Linux workstation that I use for burning Driver CD's and ripping Audio CD's.
  • Converted a 22 PC network over to Firefox.
  • Read The Register, The Inquirer, and Slashdot more than 50% of my total working hours for the year.
  • Saved the band money by designing and printing flyers for our shows on the Color Laser at work.
  • Saved work money by converting nearly half of our Inkjet printers to centralized Laser printers.  (The net savings pays for over half of the new printers.)

I am debating spending my time next week writing up a progress report for the I.T. division, and hopefully getting myself some brownie points when they see how much has actually been done around here in the past six years since I started.

Which is funny, because it feels like I spend my time doing a bunch of nothing.
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