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Wow that was interesting...

A review of Kong is (Possibly) on the way, though right now there's something more urgent...

It's night on a full moon, and I'm standing outside a white mansion, by the far end of a wing.  I walk down some stairs to a basement bedroom with outside access.

Inside is Raven, (DC Geeks need no more) in Jeans, a shirt, and hiking boots.  She grabs a pack, (Am I wearing one?  Dunno...) and we leave into the woods on a moonlit hike.

The rest gets kinda fuzzy as far as order in which it happened.  I remember two guys being after Raven that I've never seen before, a "Grilling" session by Raven's guardian/caretaker at the Manse, and a brief bit of classes.  Apparently the mansion was Xavier's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Raven was an advanced student, I was a first-year due to late entry.  (This is getting weirder and weirder.)  I remember Eglantine Price (Angela Lansbury's Character in Bedknobs and Broomsticks) being the transmutation professor, and turning me into a bunny for an example.

I think Dr. Strange and a few of the X-Men were around, but I'm not sure.  (They had a "Innate Abilities" wing for the Mutants, I do remember that much.)  I wish I could remember more, and more clearly, but I normally don't remember dreams at all.

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