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Doo be doo be doo...

Well, my LJ friends, I have spent way too long away from the blogosphere, so I'm back.

Today's topic?  Random miscellany and happy-joy-joy dischord.

A)  By random luck, I happened to notice the binary "ddate" on the server at work.  Its output?

Today is Pungenday, the 51st day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3171

I missed Afflux.  Darnit.

B)  Christmastime Present List:

Mom (Bought)
Dad (Bought)
Sister HRV (Half-bought, looking for Wacom in the $250 range to go in halfsies with Mom)
Sister NRV (Half-bought, half-unknown)
Brother ERV (Bought)  (Noticing a middle-name trend?)
Myself CCRV (Bought) Hooray for finding 25 Laserdiscs, and buying a player to go with them.
Grampa (Out of Town, can put it off until February)
Gramma R (No clue whatsoever)
Dr. D (Bought, debating getting more as I'm sure she's gotten me more than I her.)

Gaming Group:
GM: Overbought.  I didn't realize until later that I bought him double what I intended to.  May split up one present across group, may just give part to W.C.
Louella: Bought
Woodchuck: Possible recipient of part of GM's present, otherwise unbought.
The Saucer-er: Bought, but minimal.  May try to find something else.  May use his lack of presence at the party as an excuse to not.
Priestess with Head-splodey: Not sure if she's participating.  If so, have ideas, but nothing purchased yet.

Other Friends:
Nothing this year.  I'm broke.

Possibly something for x if I see something, and ADAM if I see something cheap.  Twitch got a huge pair of presents last year, so he's good.

C) As much as I dislike my blog and RL identifying each other, I'm going to point everyone to madappleband.

Friend it, watch it, and take note of it.  Show updates and website updates for the band will be posted there.

"I do believe it's true.
There are roads left in both of our shoes..."

drd2be will change my musical influences, slow but sure.
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