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Life in General

Well, M and I met last Friday, and have been semi-inseperable since. We get along wonderfully, have a lot of similar views, and just enough dissimilar ones to keep things interesting. BUT, she leaves for Canada in just under 2 weeks. And other than one-week visits, she won't be coming back for at least 3 years, if ever. I just HAD to meet her right before she left the country, ne?

The elf took the news as I expected her to... a hint of jealousy, a hint of indignance, but otherwise okay. In all honesty, I really don't know what I want out of this whole situation, and that seems to be what's bugging her the most. Companionship is nice, but in two more weeks I WILL form an emotional bond of some sort to M. It's pretty well inevitable with my personality and luck. And it doesn't sound like she's up for any kind of a long-distance thing.

I dunno... lot of things to figure out.
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