Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

Hooray for Work Rants


QA Document Co-ordinator is out for the day.  President is asked for a Spec Sheet (sheet that lists off the physical characteristics of a specific product).

He notices that the width is incorrect on the sheet.  "Agh, she typo'd" and corrects.

And leaves the document revision date the same.  August, 2003, if memory serves.

Now, if the typo had been a comma where it shouldn't have been, or an extra tab, that's one thing, but this is ACTUAL DATA.  The customers who had the old Spec Sheet, when they get the new one, will set them both on their desk, pick them up later, and go, "Which is it, 54" or 58" wide?"  And with no revision date, there's no way for them to know without calling, talking to someone in QA.

But then that raises the question of how long until it's not just a phone call to see which is correct, but a phone call demanding a full audit?  Or to our ISO auditors for a non-compliance?  Or worst yet, the FDA? [(The latter two are rather unlikely, according to our QA Manager, whom I did call.)]

It's reminiscent of my buddy's new coding job.  He was a revision / installer / upgrade specialist for years at another company, and this new company used no version numbering system at all in their software.  If a customer's system is acting up, they go look at the files and only have a timestamp to tell them which file it is.  Copy it with a CD-burner set to update dates/times?  Wow, now you're completely lost.


Go to our QA Document Co-ordinator.  "Phil tried to change the width on this spec and send it out without changing the revision date.  I fixed it for you."

"What did he change?"

"It said 54", he changed it to the correct 58"."

"We don't make anything at 54", so it's an obvious typo.  I don't change revision dates for things like that."



Am I the only sane one here?  They were ready to put form numbers on LETTERHEAD and LETTERHEAD ENVELOPES.  But change a revision date for correcting a rather MAJOR typo? That's too much work, apparently.

The major question is, do I rat them both out to our QA Manager?  Because it's rather obvious that they just don't get it. [(Too Late)]
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