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Ultimate Casting Call

Normally when these are called out, people want to know what you think about an upcoming, un-casted movie.

In this case, I'm looking at multiple incarnations of a franchise, and telling you who did it best.  Don't like it?  Tough.  The comment button is below.


Clark Kent: Hands down, Christopher Reeves.

Superman: George Reeves for looks, Christopher for voice.

Best in both roles: Dean Cain.

Lois Lane: Teri Hatcher.  Managed to not look like a complete airhead when she figured out Clark's little secret.

Actually, for the entire rest of this, just assume that whoever was cast in "Lois and Clark" was best.  Perry didn't stand out in the Reeves series, and was Olsen even in it?


Bruce Wayne: Val Kilmer

Batman: Michael Keaton

Both roles: Michael Keaton

Honorable Bat-Mention: Adam West

Joker: Mark Hamill.  Period.  Anyone else pales in comparison.

Robin: Tough call.  I'd have to say that Scot Menville's performance in Teen Titans is worthy of the top mention.  The actor from "Grayson" gets honorable mention.

Alfred: Michael Gough.  Ian Ambercrombie did a more than passable job in "Birds of Prey", but Mr. Gough was able to do so much more with the role in only four movies.


It's hard to divide up the in-costume and out-of-costume for Peter...  There's so little difference between the two.  So I divided this a bit differently:

Live-Action: Tobey Maguire.  Nicholas Hammond didn't even have a shot.

Voice Actor: Christopher Michael Barnes and Neil Patrick Harris both did bang-up jobs... but I'm gonna give it to Harris.

J. Jonah Jameson: Ed Asner  Too bad he doesn't look the part enough for the movies.  (Not that J.K. Simmons did a bad job by any means.)

I'm gonna stop there for now.  But feel free to discuss, continue, elaborate, etc.  I may even air my $0.02 about Narnia if I get a chance to re-read the book before then.
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