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Holy Moo!

This is not pretty at all...

Saturday, fishtailed the car a bit.  Got it back under control, but a hair too close to a guard rail.  Nudged the guardrail at 10MPH, if that.

And my wallet cries.  (No, no~)
And my wallet cries.  (No, no~)

Watch out where the semi's go and don't you skid on oil no.

And right about that time people, a body shop, who was strictly from commercial.

~Strictly Commercial~

Peeked up around from my Alero with their beady little eyes.
(Peekaboo~!  Woo-oo-ooo~!)
And started beating on my favorite baby wallet with a $2,500 Invoice.

(With apologies to Frank Zappa, the Mothers of Invention, and everyone else even remotely involved in the recording of "Yellow Snow")
Tags: 4-wheels-4-doors-2-payments, lyrically insane
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