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To-Do List

This is my list of things to do soon that aren't work or school related:

A) Figure out how to setup either exim or sendmail on Narnia for actual e-mail.
B) Find and setup a webmail front-end so that the other band members can use said e-mail system.

C) Tear apart my main system, figure out why CPU is overheating and put active cooling on the northbridge, as the passive isn't enough.  Fix front USB ports, since the back ones don't like the cable for my MP3 Player.

D) Get PHP/MySQL show listing together.  Should be very simple, just one SQL table, a query to read in the whole frickin' thing, and a dynamic tables layout to show all future shows and 10 previous.  A web-based input would be nice, too, so I don't have to input them all directly myself.

E) Most importantly, get more shows setup for the band, preferably 2-3 months out, as Twitch still has a broken arm, and Rufus is too out of practice to fill in.
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