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CSI and the spiral of DOOM

The Elf is directly responsible for getting me hooked on TV again.

That's right.  Two years ago she decided to spend every waking moment over a visit watching Spike TV's CSI Marathon over Thanksgiving Weekend.  (Well, those moments that we weren't busy doing something else, like White Wolf, Anime Con, visiting family, etc.)

And I, being part math geek, part computer geek, and just generally all geek, was hooked.

THIS is how science was supposed to be.  Using it towards a tangible goal.  Every childhood dream I had concerning computers, expanded to the whole range of sciences, even entymology.  It was perfect.

Wednesday night I watched the Emmy-Winning 2-hour CSI from last season, and noticed a not-so-subtle shift.  Thinking it was the one script or so, I passed it off and just enjoyed the show.

Stepping in 20 minutes late into last night's episode, I realized it may not be a one-time shift.  It seems now, the CSI agents are less and less scientists pieceing together a crime-scene puzzle to solve a crime of some sort, and more and more detectives piecing together regular information, with the forensics being there mostly to increase drama.  The battery life on the fan and light, in the 2-hour...  The entire build-up for the stripper murder in last night's episode, when just asking one simple question that would've been asked would've saved the entire thing from even going to the crime lab.

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, necessarily, as not every crime can be solved through forensics alone, but it's still a subtle shift from most of the earlier episodes that I've seen that focused on the forensics.

And if it wasn't for Greg getting a mouthfull of Human Soup last night, I was even toying with the idea of a shift in major.
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