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State of the Journal

Well, after much thought, pondering, and putting things off, I have come to a decision...

I'm sure the Elf will want to occasionally sneak a peek at my journal to see if I'm still alive and such.  I would gladly do the same, but she does not update her journal.

However, I'm sure she will not want to read about DW and I.

So therefore, any posts directly concerning my relationship with DW are going to be custom friends-locked.

Posts not concerning either DW or Elf will be open.

And posts concerning Elf directly will most likely be private anyway, regardless of other changes in procedure.

Also, while the occasional gripe, rant, or "Ode to a Small Green Lump of Putty I found in my Armpit one Midsummer's Morning" will find its way into the journal, I'm going to try to keep the journal more for stories, anecdotes, reviews, the random bit of prose, and such.  Whinging and angsting on an LJ is SO 2004.
Tags: herself the elf, tagged and returned to the wild, the prettier gender
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