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My laundry tips just got me proposed to.

In response to: "Laundry is the greatest of mysteries"

"You put soap in water, make sure the water temperature is cold unless the dirt requires warm and the fabric can take warm, and dry everything on gentle heat. Don't mix fluffy stuff with dark colored stuff (leaves pillz on everything) and don't wash bathroom-type towels with kitchen-type towels.

And when in doubt, consult the cowbell."

And thus, aerin proposed.

But still, my unified theory of laundry holds firm...  The only thing I neglected to include is that you take all socks, underwear, T-shirts, handkerchiefs, etc. and wash them seperate.  If you only have 1-2 bath towels, this load is acceptable for them as well, IMO.  (Not for hand towels and definitely not for kitchen towels.)  Then Jeans seperate, using shirts of approximately the same color to fill up the load.

Then sort all other shirts according to spectrum, and start at one end until washer is full, repeat for each load.
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