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Douglas Adams and my Love Life....

I have just realized that I have yet to do anything major concerning Douglas Adams' work without a female with me, usually a significant other.

1994, Gramma takes me to Library Book Sale.  Find first four books in hardcover.

1998, Elf and I are in a Border's in South Carolina.  We see the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide and immediately buy all three.  (One for her, one for me, one for A.D.A.M.)

2005, The movie comes out in theaters.  Take TJK to see the movie, wander through Border's next door afterwards and find Ulitmate Hitchhiker's Guide again, this time on clearance for less than the paperback version...  Somewhere around $10 each.  I have $5 to my name at this point, and cannot afford to buy out the store.

2005, Movie comes out on DVD.  I pick it up on the way to meet DW for a date.
Tags: herself the elf, so long and thanks for all the posts, the prettier gender
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