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Chad Portrait

Parboiled parsnips partake partially partitioned prawn pasta

I am sitting here tonight not sure what to do about a lot of things.  I keep wanting a creative outlet, and yet haven't figured out *what*.  I have a few ideas for development projects (port the now-dead band and company websites to some hosting situation, like AppEngine.  Build a search site for finding smithee_awards/MST3k/HDTGM/Razzie-approved movies.  Revamp MigraineTracker...) but never quite find the drive to get started.  I have tools now for doing some woodworking, but haven't had a chance to do much more than some custom spacing blocks, house repairs, etc.  A board game would be fun, and a good way to do some project management (marketing, budgets, etc.) for a Kickstarter, but I don't have any good ideas.  A podcast seems like fun, but you generally have to have something to talk about.  I have random turns of phrase or short story ideas come up all the time, but never think to jot them down.  And on and on and...

So in the meantime I fill the time up with Reddit and the occasional Civ game.  Nevermind that we just moved and there are tons of boxes that need unpacked, piles of unfinished or even unplayed video games, and a WoW guild waiting for me to get geared enough to re-join raid night...

I'm really enjoying my new job, at least.  It's not the place I was in Cleveland, but the people are nice and the project is interesting.  I feel like I joined just a bit too late to be early to the game, but early enough that I've got a good shot at being more than just a cog.  And it's hard to argue with a Minneapolis skyline view.

But the best thing of all is E.  Toddler giggles are the best thing ever, and she loves everything she finds.  Books, cartoons, things inside Easter eggs, anything with Peppa Pig on it, her TNG uniform shirt...  Everyone she plays with is her Best Friend.  And she loves sharing things, even things you wish she wouldn't. (like boogies)

Picard WTF

Album Checklist (Updated)

Not that anyone cares, but:

B'z ChecklistCollapse )

Chad Portrait

Holy moo!

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted in here...

Since then I've finished my degree (finally! I had been at the school a semester longer than the University's President), moved to Minnesota, become a Doctor Who fan and watched a small boat load of the show, and found a new job (sadly) in MN to be (happily) closer to the wife. (14 hour commutes are no fun!)

Outside of that, not a whole lot going on. The band is kaput and will most likely never play together again, my instruments are sitting in their cases untouched, and I spend most of my time commuting, watching shows on Netflix with the wife, and playing board games with the neighbors. Also got myself a bit of a World of Warcrack addiction, but not too bad.

Oh, and traded in the unnamed Saturn for a new VW. It's the right color blue and small on the outside, so it's tentatively been nicknamed the TARDIS. I'll have to try and come up with a better nickname soon, though.

Chad Portrait


There are tons of things going on, but nothing that I really find to be all that interesting. School is going well, for having almost no time to do any studying or homework. (I still think rote/practice homework should be a net-positive effort, my grades would be much better, and I could prioritize what I do based on what I actually need practice on.)

Things at home are good; the cats are as cute as ever and drd2be is feeling much better. Going to start working on the geeky parts of preparing the house for sale as soon as I have time. (Ripping and boxing CDs, sorting books and paring down collections.) The decks are better, though not done yet. Still need to finalize the furniture to stage the house vs. what is being moved/stored early, too.

D&D on Sundays is a lot of fun, but I miss my Wednesday group. The setting and characters of the Wednesday group were very unique and the timing kept things really interesting. There's something oddly fun about seeing Carl Jung and Freud literally fight over which one is right while Dr. Worgen looks on and laughs.

Right now, outside of school and work, there's not time for much else.

Chris Knight

Hiromasaki: An Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual
1980 Model

Congratulations on your acquisition of a 1980 HiroMasaki. While the HiroMasaki is self-cleaning, self-maintaining, and in general pays for itself, there are some use and operational concerns that you should be aware of.

The HiroMasaki takes a power input of approximately 2000 kCal/day. This can be delivered in various forms, but the preferred forms are those of chicken, steak, vegetables, and pizza. Ramen noodles can be used as a budget-conscious source, but do not overuse. If the HiroMasaki is left to its own devices, power will be obtained, but scheduled recharge times may drift. Do not worry, as safeguards to prevent complete battery drain have been put in place. To reset the recharge cycle, merely provide the HiroMasaki with appropriate charge on-schedule.

Please do not leave the HiroMasaki unattended with a line of credit and numbered/ordered items that interest him. You will soon find yourself with all the available items, a checklist of the items that are missing, and a line of credit that has run out of room. These items include (but are not limited to) Comic Books, Trading Cards, Compact Discs, Movie and Book series, etc.

The HiroMasaki does on occasion suffer from depression and/or social anxiety. If this should occur, remove the offending stimulus and wait a few hours. Music, change of location, and/or light physical exertion may speed this process.

Coaxing the HiroMasaki to perform certain activities may require overcoming random and varied phobias. An "ease into the pool" method is suggested to prevent the aforementioned anxiety.

Chad Portrait

Random verbage (I'm so emo/lamer/etc.)

A moment of imperfect clarity, so fleeting yet functional. Flying down the stacks of knowledge, attempting to ride but only falling off. Catching handfuls of useful information on accident as much as on purpose, why can this chaos not be leashed?

Chad Portrait

Porque no tengo tiempo...

I really should use this more often, but it seems anymore like I just don't have time for anything but work, school, and sleep.

The new job is amazing, and I'm really enjoying myself. It's tiring, frustrating, and always feels like I'm way below the ability level I should be. But everyone there is awesome, I'm learning a lot, and I'm working for a company that is making people's lives better in ways nobody else is. And I don't feel like I need to be anyone other than myself there, which is awesome.

School is frustrating. Foreign language (didn't I already go through this in High School?) is my big hold-up now. I have to get through 202, so I'm re-taking 101 and 102 this summer as a refresher, since Spanish is the only language that fits in my schedule, and I've not spoken it regularly since 1996. 4 weeks into the 10 weeks of Spanish and I'm wishing I had done this the first time around, so that I might be done with it. It's also preventing me from taking some higher-level courses I could actually use, like finishing a Maths minor.

So on to the third part of this rant, the sleep part. G'night, everyone!

Chad Portrait

Leaving Work

So I am moving on from my position of 9+ years. It should be interesting, transitioning from the world of IT to the world of Software Development. I'm hoping the new job is as interesting, challenging, and fun as it seems.

However, when I started my current job, the network was almost non-existant. There was a handful of computers that were only in the most technical sense connected via Ethernet. And the person that I'm leaving in charge is effecting MAJOR changes before I'm even officially gone without having a good grasp on what is already setup where and why. And asking questions that he could find out with a few minutes work while I'm on vacation.

It's like sending a small child off to a boarding school that you know is inept. The child isn't yours, and their parent picked the inept boarding school, but you've been babysitting 5 days a week for a decade.

But since they barely tried to make a list of complaints I took to the CEO 6 months ago right (or explain why they couldn't) then I really can't be arsed to care.

Chad Portrait

Read a Book (Because if the Smith-ka-teers can do it...)

Since badmovie just hit 42 books, I figure I can write up mine...

First book started & finished in 2010: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Was it interesting? It's Douglas Adams, so it damn well better be. I found it to be less funny than Hitchhiker's, but still a very pleasant read. It reminds me more of Rick Cook's writing than DNA's, though.

Well-written? Again, it's Douglas Adams. Who came up with these questions anyway?

Would I read it again? Yes, assuming I ever read anything again.

Keep or give away? Keep. A book has to be abysmal for me to give it away. I'm a bit of a hoarder in that respect.

Would I read a sequel/further adventures? Long Dark Teatime of the Soul is next on the pile. At my current rate of reading, I should finish that sometime in December?

Chad Portrait

For Linux domain admins...

while [ 1 ]
    smbstatus -b |head -n 4 |tail -n 3
    smbstatus -b |tail -n +5 |sort -i --key=2,4
    sleep 60
exit 0

In the spirit of top and apachetop, I give thee smbtop.

Now you can see who is logged in and from where.

Tested on Debian 4.0 and Samba 3.0.26a. Based on smbstatus output from 3.4.x, should work fine with newer versions of Samba, hopefully head, tail, and sort haven't changed much...

EDIT: Found someone else that finished a true smbtop, but I can't find it anywhere: