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For those who have not yet been privy to my most recent bout of insanity, I have spent the last 6 days ranting and throwing rather heavy curses on that company from Sandusky, CedarFair.

I unfortunately was not in full knowledge of the situation when, last September, millions of voices screamed out in joy and were suddenly silenced. (Okay, so attendance was a hair over 700k, but not shabby for a park that just lost 2 coasters, a 3rd broken for over 1/2 the season, and in the middle of a major recession in one of the most blighted areas of the country...) Now, that's not to say I'm completely uninformed. I did hear about the announcement, 4 days after the 2007 end-of-season, that the majority of Geauga Lake would not be opening for the 2008 season due to attendance concerns. However, the part about moving/selling the rides, bulldozing (if they don't sell at auction) three gorgeous wood coasters and the world's first two-consecutive-loop coaster, and selling the land off to the highest bidder... That's news to me. I figured the rides would be dark for a year or two, CedarFair would shop around for a new owner, and either re-open once the economy got a bit better or a buyer came forward. But no, the steel coasters are all gone to other CedarFair parks, the kid's rides are now at CedarPoint, and the 83 year old woodie that I hoped would be my first coaster (Yes, I'm almost 30 and it took this long to get the courage up for this... Sue me.) has a bulldozer next to it, idling.

So, really, I just wanted to whinge in public, have an entry to look back on, and give drd2be a heartattack that nothing is getting done, despite having over half my Wedding Prep list checked off. :P (That, and I came up with the Star Wars ripoff and just HAD to use it.)
Tags: mistake by the geauga lake, tagged and returned to the wild
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