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Why me....

There are far too few hours in the day...

Just for today's examples, I got up today at 9:30 (Overslept), showered, called off work to work on a customer's system, ran out of canned air, went and got canned air, ate lunch with Mom, and already it's 2:00. Finished the computer a bit before 3:00. Dropped it off and said hi to some friends really quickly. Now it's 4:15. I have to empty the back of the truck (10 minutes), go pick up parts from a local supplier, pick up parts from Fed Ex, drop off a payment for a DVD boxset that they're holding for me at the local comics shop so he doesn't think I've become a financial slacker, and then pick up potted plants from a local greenhouse for my Grandma. 8:00 I'm supposed to go babysit for a friend of mine for the rest of the evening. Where's my personal time? Sunday. Oh, wait, that's my brother's birthday. Fun.
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